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Amid the trend that our traditional culture tends to be neglected under the influence of Western cultures, lovers of Korean traditional music are doing their utmost to keep and highlight our unique cultural assets of traditional music (Gukak) with sweating efforts.

We call it "Yeak Sasang (Art-Music Ideology)" the loving and kind heart and mind that make us become generous and loving and kind for music and singing. Only the right succession of "Yeak Sasang" can calm down empty desires and make us love and cherish and respect one another. Your love of Korean traditional music has put your effort toward the creation of such a wonderful world. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your dedicated efforts.

As you are well aware, the culture arts is the competitive industry of a country in the 21st century. A people without spirit cannot survive. It is evident that creative and high level cultures can be the driving force of the 21st century.

It is the mission of Gukak lovers to understand and respect people and to make Korean traditional music sound far and wide around the world. In expectation of the performances of Korean traditional music artists of Daejeon Municipal Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center who will help the dream come true, the Sponsor Association of Daejeon Municipal Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center will not spare its effort to help the dream be realized.

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