Mr.Yoon Su Lim,Yeonjeong
Mr.Yoon Su Lim,Yeonjeong

Mr. Yoon Su Lim, Yeonjeong,
was born in Yeongcheon, Geongbuk, on September 25, 1917. He devoted his life to the Korean traditional music and died on August 11, 2004 at the age of 88. His grave is on the bright hill on the shore of River Geumgang which is flowing around the city which is 800 years old.

Mr. Yoon Su Lim, Yeonjeong, who insisted on the ideology of art and music for 90 years, learned Hanhak (music and courtesy lessons) from Yoon Choi, Eulgaek in Gyeongju, and took harp tutoring lessons from Mr. Eun Hyu Sin, thus building up a deep relations with Korean music.

Mr. Lim sacrificed his life for collecting precious materials of the music of Korea (traditional music), by even giving up providing for his family, feeling sorry for the trend of Western music prevailing.
He contributed about 3000 pieces of music works (ex. Joljang Manrok) that he collected during his whole life to the city of Deajeon, providing a basis for the establishment of Daejeon Municipal Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center , first(in 1981) among the local governments, thus consolidating the foundation of Korean traditional music.

Thanks to Mr. Lim’s outstanding work to succeed the Korean traditional music alright, we came to value him as a master of Korean traditional music with unusual love for Korean traditional music. However, his activity was the living itself of a master who foresee “the century of culture” when looking at his works.


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