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About Center

Daejeon Municipal Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center
The Daejeon Municipal Yeonjeong Korean Traditional Music Center opened in 1981 with the aim to preserve and develop Korean music and dance. It has been playing a crucial role in promoting Korean culture and arts.

It holds around 100 domestic concerts of Korean music and dance performances each year and offers classes in these fieldsfor those interested. This helps people to maintain interest in Korean arts at a time when westernization is a strong trend. The reference room of the Institute has a collection of 12,000 books and 3,000 musical discs and it allows people to share this vital part of Korean culture.

It also holds overseas concerts in such countries as America, Japan, France, Australia, and China with an aim to promote Korean music around the world. These activities are acclaimed as a milestone success to ensure that ' Something Korean can be competitive with its uniqueness ', in the world area.

For young people, the Institute offers various classes for Korean musical instruments' introduction and Korean dance and music ranging from court music and dance to folk music and dance, as well as contemporary Korean music and dance. Performers of the Institute visit schools and youngsters' centers to offer performances in the Korean arts


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